Friday Feelings: What Has Summer Done to Your Hair?

Summer's great and all but it's not too kind to one's tresses. One of my favourite beauty myths is that hair grows faster in the summer. Clearly it's just all the ends splitting and frizzing and giving the illusion that you have more of it - while looking utterly awful.

Most people crave volume but while frizz and split ends may expand your hair, voluminous it ain't. My personal hair inconvenience is greasiness - it's a year wide woe that accelerates in the summer. It may seem counterproductive and perhaps to some people a little icky, but I have been tackling it by wearing my hair in a top knot. All day and night. For three successive days.


I washed it on Tuesday and it looked fine. On Wednesday it was sad and flat so up it went. I slept on it and noticed in the morning that it actually didn't look too bad so I backed away from the shampoo. I tried it again last night and this morning it looked fine too! I spritzed a bit of summer hair's best ally, dry shampoo onto it and was good to go.


I know I'll get a fright tonight when I take it down to freshen it up with actual shampoo and water and I'll brush half off my hair off my head but feck it, I'm doing it next week too.

In Ireland or elsewhere, does summer weather play tricks on your poor aul gruaige? Is frizz your foe? Or are you one of those silken haired beauties who swish around in 30 degrees without a bother?

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