Get the Look: Strictly Come Dancing-Inspired Latin Makeup

Stictly Come Dancing is one of the few programmes I'll sit down and watch. I don't watch it for the dancing - I watch it for the makeup. A job like that is a makeup artist's dream. It's all about fun, no-limits makeup, and the show is an endless source of makeup inspiration. Last week, we did Streisand-inspired '60s makeup, and this time we're looking to Strictly for Inspiration.

So whether you're heading out for a night worthy of some full-on makeuo, or staying in on the couch to watch Strictly clips on Youtube for hours and hours, this makeup look might just be for you.

A couple of things to note - the makeup on the show is like an extreme form of stage makeup; it's designed to catch the light and look great at a distance. Up close and in normal light, it would look clownish and incredibly overdone. That's why I've taken my inspiration from the heavy-lashed eyes and red lips you'll typically see in Latin dances, but toned it down so that it's actually wearable in the real world.

That said, it's still very full-on, but it will look great in softer evening light, as you'll see in the photos.


Step One

  •   This isn't a natural look, so the ultimate aim is skin that looks almost like plastic. For that, you need a glowy finish and higher coverage, so I'm using Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hour Nude Foundation in Light Porcelain. I don't want full coverage - it can look weird and masky. I'll cover any blemishes with some concealer later.
  • Next, I'm applying Clarins Instant Concealer - which is incredibly effective - under my eyes. I've mixed it with a dash of white foundation to ensure that it's a shade lighter than my skin tone. I'm blending it under the eye area all the way in toward my nose.
  • Next, to eyes. Apply a nude shadow all over the lid, all the way up to your brow. I'm using the Long-Lasting Eye Quartet Mineral Palette from Clarins in 'Skin Tones'. I'm using the pale nude shade.
  • For a contour to the eye, grab a deep brown matte shadow. I'm using Mac's Shadowy Lady, and applying it with a fluffy brush through  the crease of my eye and on the outer third of the lid.


Step Two

  • Then, with the same brush, apply a warm chocolate shade - slightly iridescent, and blend it over the first shade to eliminate any harsh lines. I'm using the warm chocolate shade from the same Clarins palette.


Step Three

  • Again, this wouldn't be a Strictly inspired look without glitter! Go over the liner with a black liquid sparkle. I'm using Collection's Glam Crystal's gel liner in Rock Chick.
  • Lashes are essential. Instead of using a strip, which I find uncomfortable, I'm loading on lots of individuals. I'm using a box of Ardell individuals with a mixture of long, medium and short. I'm applying a few long lashes to the outer corner, and shortening the length as I work my way in. Don't forget to apply lots of mascara - top and bottom.
  • Fill in your brows lightly - a strong brow would throw this already heavy look off-balance. Then, grab your warm brown shadow again and run it under the lower lashline to keep the eye from looking too top-heavy.grwbe6

Step Four

  • To finish the face, add some blush. I'm using Clarins multi-blush in Grenadine becasue it has a reddish undertone that will work with the red lip. If you have deeper skin than mine, go all out with some contour. With a look this full-on, my pale skin just can't get away with it.


You're done! See how the evening look transforms the makeup and takes away the harshness? The eyes are a bit fiddly, but anyone can create this look. It's equally lovely as a classic '50s makeup without the glitter.


Will you be sporting something like this tonight? Tweet us a pic of your look. To the comments!

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