Has Eos lip balm met its match with a well-known brand?

Beauty lovers will be aware of the Eos lip balm that has taken the online beauty world by storm. Who knew that turning a regular lip balm into a ball shape would make the masses go mad to spend money, and more importantly, why didn't we think of it first?




Although this is not an identical dupe, Maybelline, following their success of "Baby Lips" balm, have launched a new duo product, Babylips Balm and Blush. This multi-use product is slightly tinted, making it different to the Eos one and can be used on lips and cheeks.





Maybelline's balm comes in at €7.65 and Eos retails at €8.25 - but when you consider postage and packaging, Eos will set you back around €10. So with Maybelline, you will still be saving some money for yourself and you will have the multi-use factor of tinting both your lips and cheeks on the go.

Have you encountered the Eos balm? Has the ball shape changed the way you think about balms?

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