You ARE a hat person: Try these 3 summer hats for size

Since last summer, I've wanted a huge wide-brimmed hat. I started craving a Kristen Scott Thomas in Four Weddings and a Funeral-style hat for a wedding but couldn't find an affordable one anywhere. Now, this summer the shops are full of them.

This comeback is very pleasing indeed; it has widened summer wedding hat choices and it will decrease the risk of scorched scalps. I've seen quite a few of them in the past few days. Quite a few.

I picked up the black H&M hat below last week and it saved my head from the glare; it also topped off my summer brunch look perfectly and it looks polished enough to wear to a special event. I also spied one in the EuroShop that I am definitely grabbing. See, they're everywhere! And they do suit you.

  • Penneys Cream Black Charm Fedora, €7


  • H&M Straw Hat, €12.99


  • Zara Striped Hat €17.95


How do you protect your head from the sun? Are you a regular hat wearer? Might you give a hat a go this summer?

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