How to soothe yourself post-waxing and prevent ingrown hairs

Hair removal is just one of the annoying parts of life that many of us have to deal with regularly. This product duo is an excellent aftercare routine that will give you the best results post-waxing.

If you're like the majority of women out there and hair removal is one of the less enjoyable parts of your life then these two products should be in your bathroom cabinet. Some of you might do a Julia Roberts on it and let the hair grow thick and strong as nature intended. If you are one of those ladies, all credit to you. Personally, I hate hair and want to be completely bald everywhere but my head!

Waxing has been my chosen method of hair removal for since the first time I had my legs waxed. My mother refused to let me shave my legs and insisted waxing would mean less hair growth and was the better option. She was 100% right. By the time I was in my twenties the hair growth on my legs was so thin and fine from waxing that honestly, unless you look closely, you can't see the hair on my legs.

More recently, I have had laser hair removal but as I said before that is a semi-permanent removal method. So, even if you have had laser, at certain stages of your life you may have to resort back to waxing. For instance, during pregnancy, post-holiday if your skin has been in the sun, and while on certain medications.

After waxing, these two products will prevent little bumps appearing, redness and ingrown hairs. If you have ever suffered ingrown hairs you might have the absolute fear of them as I do. I now take every precaution to prevent them.

decleor post waxing cream3


Decleor Aroma Epil Post Wax Cream €12.90

This post-wax cream is specifically used to soothe your skin after waxing. You can use it everywhere: brows, lips, bikini line and underarms. Apply it every day instead of your usual body moisturiser and it will actually slow the regrowth. It also promises up to a 92% reduction in hair re-growth after 6 days. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs. You can use it immediately after waxing.

Alpha H Liquid Gold wonder skincare product

Alpha H Liquid Gold €35.95

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a glycolic acid based product primarily used in facial care. Alpha H recommend this to be used all over the body in-between waxing appointments. You wouldn't use it immediately after waxing. Use your Decleor cream to immediately soothe and after 24 hours, apply this with cotton pads to the waxed areas. Liquid Gold encourages the natural exfoliation process. It reduces the build-up of dead skin cells in the area which will also help reduce ingrown hairs. You can then start incorporating it into your skincare regimen too.


What is your chosen method of hair removal or do you avoid hair removal altogether?

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