Hey Honey Show Your Glow is genuinely the best anti-ageing face mask we've ever used

After trying and testing a lot of face masks, we have come across an amazing anti-ageing face mask. Hey Honey Show Your Glow leaves you looking and genuinely feeling like it has made an improvement.

It's so disappointing when you use a face mask promising everything and then it has no effect at all on your skin, but this anti-ageing face mask, made with the ancient healing power of honey (all credit to the bees for this one), left our skin plumped, hydrated and brightened.

The Hey Honey range is new to Ireland; it's USP is that it uses the healing and nourishing properties of honey. The mask in question is called the Hey Honey Show Your Glow face mask €59 - and we are in love. The price tag is hefty but this is hands down the best and most effective home mask I have ever tried. What's more, it is actually gold and shiny when it's on your skin. You'd give the statue performers on Grafton Street a run for their money wearing this mask. It looks and feels beautiful, and your skin will feel plump, smooth and hydrated after using it.

Hey honey show your glow anti-ageing face mask


So what is in this mask to make it so brilliant? The golden cream is made with a powerful combination of honey and a secret ingredient from the beehive called Propolis. Honey has an abundance of vitamins and acts as an antioxidant, don't ya know! The super ingredient Propolis balances problematic skin and speeds up cell renewal to keep your skin strong and toned.

Propolis has such preserving properties that it was actually used by the ancient Egyptians in the embalming process. It also contains colloidal gold and mica to hydrate the skin and smooth the skin. So, use this mask, and you're basically Cleopatra.

The entire range is available on HeyHoney.ie and it is well worth checking out.

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