How to stop your makeup getting oily and shiny

When you have oily skin, your makeup tends to get oily, too. So here's how to stop your makeup from getting oily.

Having oily skin can be a curse. It's one of those things that drive you demented when you have to constantly touch up all day long. This technique is so similar to my video and article of "How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer". There are just a few simple changes in the order of products used.

Here is a quick video to show you exactly how to, and I'll explain below.

First, spray the skin with your setting spray. Directly after your going to lightly dust the skin with a loose or pressed powder paying particular attention to any oily areas like the T-Zone. Next apply a semi-matte, matte or oil-free foundation down the centre of the face and blend it outwards. Less is more, you do not need a lot of product just 1-2 pumps will do the whole face. Set that with your powder and setting spray. Then Spray your beauty blender with setting spray and really push the products into the skin. Finally, powder that with your loose or setting powder again, and spray with setting spray to finish.

It's all about small light layers and building them up slowly in an effective way.

Have you got any expert tips for handling oily skin types?

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