How to keep your hands looking young

Considering all we put them through, it’s no wonder our hands seem to age faster than the rest of us. But there are several things you can do to keep your hands looking young.

Most of us have a skincare regimen for our faces, but we often forget about our hands.

But we should remember that as we age, our skin thins and the fat in the back of our hands diminishes.

It does naturally renew itself, but cell production slows down after 30.

That reduced volume and decreased elasticity produces translucent skin that wrinkles and develops age spots.

Without realising we expose our hands to the sun and other noxious elements much more than any other part of the body.

Hands also get washed more throughout the day.

Frequent washing in hot water removes the natural oils that lubricate our skin and protect against dry and cracked surfaces.

A man washes his hands with antibacterial soap under a tap with water. Treats hands with an antiseptic during the coronavirus pandemic

Which is why your hands can be an indicator of your age, just as much, if not more than your face.

The easiest way to start helping your hardworking hands is by applying SPF and hand lotion any chance you get.

Keep some lotion by your bed and apply it morning and night and some SPF in the car so you can pop it on each time you’re driving.

But aside from SPF and lotion, there are so many other things that we can do to keep our hands looking youthful.

Use a gentle soap

Certain soaps can strip off the natural oils on our hands and dry them out.

Try using a natural and organic soap with less harsh chemicals to keep your hands soft and hydrated.

Wear gloves when cleaning

Protect your hands when you are cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, floors, etc.

The harsh cleaning chemicals can break down, and dry out your skin to make it look old.


Hot water, bleaches, degreasers, soaps, and anti-bacterial agents are all culprits for drying and aging.

Try applying moisturizer on your hands before putting on your gloves. The hot water will be beneficial to help the lotion penetrate your skin better.

Protect your nails

Try not to pick or bite your cuticles. It can possibly cause loose, torn skin that can eventually crack.

Your nails, cuticles and skin can become more dry and fragile as you age because of your body’s lower oil production.

Make sure to rub lotion every morning and night.

Exfoliate your hands every week

Try using an enriched, oil-based scrub.

Your skin’s elasticity may be getting loose and a good exfoliation can help restore some silky smoothness.

A homemade scrub can do the trick just the same.

Combine coconut oil and brown sugar and rub into your skin.

It will leave your hands feeling brand new!

Pay attention to dryness

If you have dry hands, try to use a lotion or cream that contains lactic acids, alpha hydroxyl acidsor AHAs.

Apply after washing your hands, bathing, or shower so that it locks into your skin.


We all know that we should be wearing SPF on our face every day, but we often forget about our hands.

We should be applying sunscreen on our hands several times a day because we wash and wipe them more than any other part of our body.

Make sure you try to use 30 SPF or higher.



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