This is the solution to your blackhead problem

Blackheads are those temptingly squeezable little black dots that appear in your pores from time to time - and there is only one way to prevent and get rid of them.

We all love to squeeze those pesky little pore cloggers and watch it vacate its cosy little home in our faces. Unfortunately, this squeezing- if not done gently and correctly - can damage and possibly scar your skin. But - there is a way to keep your blackhead problem at bay. We can't promise they will never appear again, but it will definitely reduce the amount you see appearing in your cheeks/chin and nose area.

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The answer is Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is an oily and problem skin buzz ingredient; it's great for reducing excess sebum production and clearing out your pores. When it comes to blackheads, it basically gets into the clogged-up pore and dissolves the blackheads over time. It prevents them from appearing through the same method as it keeps pores and follicles squeaky clean preventing them from building up in there in the first place.

Where do you find this little wonder ingredient? Lots of face washes and topical creams contain Salicylic Acid but it will appear in different strengths. If you have a dry skin type you might use a lesser strength like the Decleor Hydra Floral White Petal range and if you are an oily skin type, use a more astringent product.


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If you already have blackheads, we recommend going to a professional salon for a facial to have them extracted. Once your skin is blackhead-free, start a new skincare regimen and incorporate Salicylic Acid into it. Make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly so you don't leave residue from your cleanser in your pores. It's the same for your creams and serums; if they are too heavy or oily for your skin they could be contributing to the problem.

Are blackheads the bane of your other-wise clear-skinned life? How have you tackled them in the past?


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