Nail Buff

My latest obsession is... nail buffing.

I'm now addicted to the shine... the health... the feel of natural nails without polish. And all it takes is a little square nail buffer block and ten minutes while I'm watching Eastenders. I love buffed nails, they're gorgeous! Buffing your nails actually makes them stronger and helps them to grow, as it increases circulation and cuts out the risk of snagging or breaking.

In case you haven't tried it, here's how it works:

1. Get out your little nail buffer block (from any chemist for a few quid) Take off your old nail polish - use an acetone free polish remover because that's kinder to your nails. Wash your hands and rub a drop of cuticle oil into your nails.

2. File your nail tips with the roughest side of the nail block and lightly sand your whole nail - with the black side of the buffer. Don't go mad here: you don't want to go deep: the aim is to smooth any imperfections and even out the nail surface.

3. Now use the white part of the buffer to bring out the natural oils in your nails - 15 - 20 strokes will usually do it..


4. Use the grey side to shine up your nails. This is is a real wow moment!

(If your nail buffer isn't the regular white, grey & black colour combo don't worry there'll probably be instructions with it).

5. This step is optional as your nails will look great anyway at this stage, but if you want you can finish up with another little drop of cuticle oil. Rub it in well and seal the shine in with a nourishing base coat. I love Jessica Nails Rejuvenation or Restoration. They do take ages to dry, but they really soak into the nail and give it a real treat.


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