You Need To Follow These Talented Irish MakeUp Artists

It's great to see so many talented makeup artists in Ireland at the moment - the community is really thriving.

Here are some brilliant Irish makeup artists you need to be following on Instagram.

Keilidh Cashell

Keilidh is arguably the most well-known makeup artist in Ireland at the moment and for good reason.

She is very creative and always coming up with unique and sometimes surreal looks.

Just look at this incredible Game of Thrones-inspired look she created in honour of the season finale.

Her vibrant and colourful looks are my personal favourite, like this dreamy one.

Sinead Cady

Sinead is a Cork-based makeup artist and YouTuber who creates really easy to follow step-by-step makeup tutorials, from everyday looks to full-glam and even some Halloween appropriate looks too.


Her channel is great if you're just starting out with makeup as she has lots of videos catered for beginners which very clearly and simply explain the makeup application process.

As well this, Sinead gives great makeup recommendations. I've never been disappointed with any of the products I've bought as a result of watching her videos.


Elisha is another very talented lady who creates a mixture of full glam and creative looks.

This pretty rose look is a personal favourite and looks like it could easily be a tattoo design.

She's also an expert when it comes to full-glam looks, like this stunning warm-tone one - just look at that highlight!



With so many talented artists out there, we'd love to know who your favourite Irish makeup artists are?

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