Solve The Secret Of Serum 10: play the LiftActiv game

We told you a little earlier about the brand new Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 for eyes and lashes - and mentioned the great game Vichy have got lined up to celebrate its launch.

It's cute, quirky, cartoon cool and quite unlike anything Vichy have ever done before.  Put on your best Jessica Fletcher quizzical expression and your most fetching Columbo trenchcoat - because you're going to solve a mystery.

The glamorous developer of the serum, Rachel Haller is missing - and it's your job to help to find her and solve the mystery.  You'll be a Beauty Detective with a secret code name and more curves than Daphne from Scooby Doo.

This is a game you're DEFINITELY going to want to play.  One Irish and one UK winner will bag a luxury trip to Vichy with two of their friends by solving all the clues.  Yep that's right, c'est manifique!

The first fifty sleuths to solve all the clues will win a full size LiftActiv Serum 10 for eyes and lashes and along the way there will be vouchers, free samples and other goodies to be won.  Every time you solve a clue you'll get a reward.





New clues will be released every few days in the first two weeks. After that, they can be completed at any time until 6th August 2013 and the cast of colourful characters will help you to solve the mystery.  We'll be playing!


The action happens at the Secret of Serum 10 website

Sign up here to get your Beauty Detective Secret Code Name and start solving the clues - you'll get plenty of help, tips and advice on the Secret Of Serum 10 site.


The very best of luck! We'd love to see a reader taking home the Grand Prize!

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