The newly designed Lotion-Yon-Ka is the spritz to beat all spritzes

Yon-Ka is renowned for its satisfyingly indulgent skincare and this spritz is exactly that. Satisfyingly indulgent. Your skin will love you for it.

There are so many hydrating mists and spritzes and toners out there and everyone uses them differently. 'Spritz o'clock', made famous by The Skin Nerd, encourages us to spritz regularly throughout the day. Why? To keep your skin hydrated, to keep makeup looking fresh, to wake you up; lots of reasons!

Lotion-Yon-Ka has been around for years and it is said that one is sold every three minutes around the world. It is their signature product, famous for its scent of geranium, lavender, rosemary, cypress and thyme. Lavender is the dominant fragrance for me; it's so relaxing. When you spritz with this it's like being transported to a spa for a brief few seconds.

Lotion-Yon-Kka has had a makeover by designer Fifi Mandirac who is a trained graphic designer. Mandirac is well known for her retro creations that take modern trends and put her stamp on them. We are suckers for a pretty bottle (it spruces up your bathroom, dontcha know) and this one is retro, girly and deserving of a place on your dressing table. Also, if you are a lover of the honey bees like us, there's another reason to buy this spritz. For each bottle purchased, they will donate €1 to the association 'un toit pour les abeilles'-'a roof for our bees'.

lotion yonka

Limited Edition Lotion-Yon-Ka €33
How to use your spritz

Spritz your cleansed skin with this and massage it in. No need to remove it. It will leave your skin refreshed and invigorated and balanced by the five essential oils within. Okay, so it's not exactly practical to carry in your handbag. It might be better used morning and night after your cleansing routine.

If you're not on board with spritzing, you should get on board. It has all the benefits mentioned above as well as the spa experience thrown in. Treat yourself!

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