This full-coverage mineral BB cream could be the best makeup for acne

Wearing makeup can often aggravate problem and spot-prone skin and make it worse. Jane Iredale makeup could be the best makeup for acne.

Anyone who suffers with spots or acne will know the struggle is real trying to find a makeup to cover your skin blemishes without making the problem even worse. There are lots of mineral makeup brands out there, and some of them have great ingredients and leave out the harmful ingredients for your skin. However, there are some makeups which market themselves as mineral makeup but they still have all the undesirables in them. It can be difficult to choose the best makeup for acne and know that it won't worsen your condition.

Jane Iredale is a skincare makeup brand. The line has natural, long-wearing products that nourish and protect your skin. The products are non-comedogenic and allergy tested so they are a great choice for sensitive and problem skin types.

We love the Jane Iredale Glow time full coverage mineral BB cream (€54). It has SPF 25 and really does give full coverage - unheard of for a BB cream. It leaves a velvet, smooth, flawless finish on your skin and wears for hours. If you suffer from acne, this BB cream won't aggravate your spots or clog your pores causing further breakouts the day after wearing makeup. You can use their loose or compact powder (€55) to set the BB cream or use the powder alone for a lighter coverage foundation.

jane iredale best foundation for acne loose powder ad BB Glow time


Jane Iredale also has a great little starter kit with a primer, both types of foundation powder, setting spray and a little foundation brush. The kit will let you try out the makeup without making a big investment.

jane iredale starter kit best makeup for acne

Have you tried using mineral makeup for your problem skin and has it improved your condition?

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