Top 4 @ 4 From the Beaut Vault: Brow Yourself

I can't stop thinking about brows lately, mostly because mine are in an absolute state. I got them threaded a while ago and hated it (so sore!) even though liked the results. Anyway, I've been growing them out for oh, about a year now and even though they are really light, they are SO BUSHY! I had never realised that before; I think it's an age thing.

What's even worse, our Beauty Ed Aisling is a brow expert. I wear my glasses to work most days and they're big enough to hide my brows but whenever I mention the state of them (which I do pretty much every day) she reminds me that brows can 'change your whole face!' She's right of course. Since I barely even pluck strays anymore, I have trawled through the archives to give myself - and you! - some browspiration.



Let's jump straight in and see what HD Brows, Embrowdery and Threading are all about.




In this post, we gave not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, not eight but nine tricks for brows that Lily Collins would be envious of!



In which we debated if whether HD brows are the mullet of our day - and gave a recommendation or two of how to keep 'em in top nick.




This was a tip from yours truly! I'm all about the quick fix and this is one I initiate daily, bushy brows and all. Take a look at the pics and you'll get an idea of how light and bushy my caterpillars really are. This was published in March and I haven't touched them since! (*Insert speak no evil monkey emoticon!*).

Have you any brow tips or tales of your own?

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