From breakfast to after dinner snacks, what does a personal trainer eat in a day?

I get asked all the time about what I eat and whether I count calories or macros; it’s to be expected in my kind of job. I thought I’d explain to you why I eat the way I do and exactly what I eat in a day. First off I don’t count calories or macros, counting macros basically means tracking the number of grams of proteincarbohydrates, and fats you consume on a particular day.

I’d like to say that I’m not a nutritionist, I’m a personal trainer. I’m not advising people on how to eat, I’m simply sharing with you the food I choose to eat daily. If you count your macros and it’s working for you then I’d say stick with it, it’s a very personal decision after all. But as for myself, I’m better off free-styling it. I’m mindful of what I eat and aware of calorie dense food and trust in what I’m eating.

Oh and I’m sure some of you know at this stage that I love a good cheat meal once or twice a week and a glass or two of wine some Saturday nights too.


  • Breakfast

I always eat breakfast within two hours of waking. I typically avoid a carb rich breakfast as studies have shown a breakfast higher in protein and fat stabilizes appetite for the rest of the day and this definitely works for me. I tend to have an egg variation breakfast. Two eggs whichever way with a couple of pieces of bacon, avocado or smoked salmon. I also love an omelette with ham and a little cheese, or fillings like avocado or salmon. Occasionally I have Greek style no added sugar yoghurt with some nuts, berries and ground flax seed. Another fav of mine are two eggs and one banana pancakes- they have the best ones in Honest to Goodness. You can check out some of my breakfast recipes here

  • Snacks

I tend to eat every three hours. If I’m having fruit, I choose berries as these contain the lowest amount of fructose (sugar) and are highest in fibre. Alternatively, I will have about ten nuts, like cashews or almonds. Sometimes I will have some Greek yogurt for a snack with some nut butter (either almond or cashew) with some berries; it’s so yum it’s like a dessert.

I have between one and two snacks during the day. It really depends on how long my day is and honestly how I’m feeling. I know my body well and at this stage so if I feel I need a little more throughout the day I will have it. I love sweet treats and try to make my own so I know that they are healthy, but these still need to be eaten in moderation. Willpower is required to only eat a couple of these a week. You'll find a few of my favourite recipes here.


  • Lunch

I generally have a big salad with meat or fish with literally as many greens as possible, with an extra virgin olive oil base dressing. Sometimes my lunch meal can look very similar to my dinner meal, especially if I’m at home and fancy a spot of cooking.


  • Dinner

This is where I tend to include a starchy carbohydrate. These include brown/basmati rice or sweet potato and my plate will always have plenty of green veg. If frying meat or fish, I use either butter or coconut oil. And if I fancy something after dinner, I will have a few squares of +70% cocoa chocolate.

  • Drinks

I drink at least two litres of water per day. I drink my coffee black or with a dash of pouring cream. I avoid drinking alcohol during the week and over the years I drink it less and less; sometimes I go two to three months without any at all. Funnily enough, this can be the thing that shocks people the most, leading to the inevitable “You’re not drinking, OH MY GOD, ARE YOU PREGNANT”?

No, I just choose not to drink sometimes, if it’s ok with me, it should be ok with you!

I really enjoy my food, I’m always up for trying new restaurants and would consider myself a foodie at heart. I really don’t feel deprived and if I want a cheat of some sort I will have it. This way of eating for me is so easy and I've been eating this way for years and love it. I also eat out quite a bit so have to really trust the places I go to which I do. Hope you like this, I’m putting my food up on my Instagram story most days now so if you ever want to see my eating habits pop by.

Remember, it’s personal. Everyone has different requirements from their diets, what works for one person mightn’t be the solution for another. Find what gives you energy and makes you feel great and work with that.

Until next time, Fi x


Metabolic Fitness Trainer

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