7 of the biggest jumpers we could find on the high street 'cause there's a chill in the air

Hurrah! It's jumper time!

If you trust Facebook and the posts they let you see on your timeline, you'll know that everyone is ready for 'le rentrée'. If we were French, we'd be coming back from a summer of holidays and good times, refreshed and willing to spend the next four or so months just, well, living. The time between now and C-word is a great time! It's cosy, it's beautiful, Halloween is fun, you get the run-up to the festive season. Most importantly, though, you get to wear the clothes Irish people were born to wear: jumpers.

For weather reasons, some of us wear jumpers all year long. The jumper is so Irish, in fact, that MOMA has named the quintessential Aran as an 'icon of style'. Jumpers are bigger than they have been for seasons this year - in the literal and material sense.

Balenciaga:  GAT Images/Cover Images

This season, lampshading is being pushed to the extreme. We'll be wearing the biggest, brightest jumpers we can find with skinny jeans, leggings or mini skirts and tights and wearing with sky-high boots. Who can resist a trend that keeps you warm, covers you up and makes you look like the most stylish person in the room?

(By the way, I checked in Penneys yesterday, and yes, they have big jumpers. Loads of them :) )

topshop jumpers

Topshop €52

zara jumpers

Zara €25.95 / €25.95€29.95

hm big jumper

H&M €69.99

Mango €39.95

boohoo jumper

Boohoo.com €23


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