This €28 coat is the bargain of the season

This is the best bargain of the year so far. It's classic, stylish and only €28 - but it looks like it could have cost way more!

Walking to work this morning, despite the fact that I was wearing my coat and scarf and gloves, I felt that it could have been summer. The sky was the brightest blue; flowers were sprouting in gardens - I could even smell freshly cut grass. I arrived in work the same way I have every day this week - really sweaty and hot. It is still coat weather (and scarf and, for my badly-circulated hand, gloves), but even the weather forecasters say it's unusually mild for the time of year. This weekend is going to be glorious, in the scheme of things.

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That's why I am extremely proud of the purchase I made yesterday. I spied it online and grabbed it immediately - it looks like a deal too good to be true. It's a trench coat from H&M that costs under €30. Whaaat? (While I usually urge people to leave theirs in their wardrobe until later on in the spring, this weekend might be the best opportunity to give yours a good airing.)



Trenchcoat €27.99

If you haven't got a trench coat yet, this is your ideal opportunity. It looks like the perfect specimen, really, and it is SO cheap. It's the classic double-breasted style. It has detachable shoulder tabs, buttons down the front and side pockets with a decorative flap. The belt is detachable, too and it's lined. It also comes in a fetching light brown shade, if the beige is too 'everyone has it' for you.

The trench is the true epitome of spring style, and it's a certified style staple. It will go with work-wear, your going-out outfits and more casual looks like the ones modelled above. At this price, there is nothing not to love.

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