Autumnal Accessories: Swinging Sixties and Dreamlike Dramatics at Parfois

If, like us, you're an accessories obsessive, you'll be only dying to get into Parfois to get a load of their new stuff for Autumn/Winter 2014. They've got a firm focus on two trends right now: Sixties and Dramatic.

Parfois AW Lookbook 9

As per the catwalks, the sixties are back in a big way this season, but updated somewhat in a more refined manner. Think vintage, think clashing colour combinations, think geometric print. Here you'll find red and rose shades juxtaposed against blue, grey and black. Fabulous, darling.

Parfois AW Lookbook 1

Then for the drama queens among us, Parfois preface their Dramatic collection as having an ethereal charm to it; think avant garde and theatrics. This autumn, it's all about orange, red, burgundy and black. And you can expect lots of metallics too, golden detailing, striking flowers and eye-catching stones.

Parfois AW Lookbook 11


Okay, is it time to go shopping yet? And whoever said winter coming was a BAD thing? Get your Parfois on over yonder.

Parfois AW Lookbook 2

Parfois AW Lookbook 7

What'll you be wearing this autumn? Anything catch your eye here?

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