10 Christmas jumpers that aren't 'Christmas jumpers' (but really are)

Christmas jumpers. You love them, or you hate them. Or you compromise on something like this - a Christmas jumper - but not

This weekend just gone marked the official start of party season. Cue hoards of drunken revellers stumbling around with curry sauce down their elf top. Apparently, this is the year of the Christmas suit, but you for sure won't be able to ignore Christmas jumper clad partyers who'll be all over the place from now until January. They'll be at work; they'll be in the pub, they'll be worn extremely reluctantly by the person on duty in the Maxol on Christmas Day.

I'm not a Christmas jumper person, but only because of the side eye it instils when you stroll into a bar, perfectly innocently. So, the festive sweater one really wants for this time of year is something Christmas-sy but not Christmas full stop.

There are plenty of them on the high street; these are our favourites.

hm let it snow christmas jumpers

H&M €22.99

Topshop €52

warehouse deer christmas jumpers

Warehouse €51

boohoo prosecco christmas jumpers

Boohoo.com €34

oasis christmas jumpers

Oasis €52

topshop penguin christmas jumpers

Topshop €50

boohoo robins christmas jumper

Boohoo.com €20

new look christmas jumpers

New Look €39.99

warehouse robins christmas jumpers

Warehouse €61


topshop wreath christmas jumpers

Topshop €76




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