Christian Louboutin's new shoes just changed how we see 'nude'

I've always been hesitant to use the word 'nude' to describe my pasty, bluish tinted go-to heels (not really, they're beige) because while they may suit my skin somewhat, they are just going to be beige courts to people with a darker skin tone than me.

"Nude shoes" and "flesh toned" tights are universally used to describe fashion items that are supposed to be some sort of style hack, but they only apply to white women. That's a fact! This is what we picture when we hear the term 'nude shoe':


While I have typically Irish skin, and the term 'nude shoes' applies to me, I can understand why it might be quite offensive to people who aren't all peaches and cream.  So Christian Louboutin has decided to break that 'nude' perception down.

He has created a new line of obviously beautiful footwear in seven different shades of nude, from porcelain to deep chocolate, so that everyone (ahem, who can afford it) can have a shoe in their hue.




It's about time. Christian, we salute you.

Via WhoWhatWear

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