An early 2000s skirt trend is back and it's kinda good and kinda bad

This skirt trend has crept up on us like the Leaving Cert maths exam

I borrowed a skirt from my friend for my Leaving Cert Grad ceremony back in the year 200* mumble mumble. It was mid-length, had thick black and white stripes, was swishy and made from some material that looked like but definitely wasn't silk. Its defining feature, though, was the hemline. Uneven but in a 'boho' sort of way, the 'hanky hem' was all the rage, and you can thank Sienna Miller for it.

Somehow, it's back. I saw it nowhere in the trend reports in Vogue. Man Repeller's skirt hems are firmly one length. But many the high street store has boho inspired hemlines in stock, and it appears that people are buying them.

Let's talk about the pros. Hmm. Well, gives the impression that you're a free spirit, a wandering traveller who does unexpected things like wear a trend that was popular in 2003. It also solves the age-old sartorial dilemma: short, mid or full length? Admittedly, it makes what might have been a pretty plain dress pretty interesting.

New Look has a new hanky hem dress in store, and it is the most throwback of them all.

hanky hem skirt trend new look

New Look €29.99

Miss Selfridge has loads of them (it's so Miss Selfridge). This one has cold-shoulders for a 2016 twist!

hanky hem skirt trend miss selfridge

Miss Selfridge €16 was €64

This one from Topshop is the least Sienna of them all. Although, we can see 2017 Sienna totally wearing this. It's one hell of a wedding guest dress. Also on sale!


hanky hem skirt trend topshop

Topshop €110 was €220

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