How to get Holly Willoughby's gorgeous autumn work style

If you're looking for some harmless work outfit inspiration, you can always count on Holly Willoughby.

If you're stuck for autumn work style, you can do worse than turn to Holly Willoughby. She has to look professional and presentable for her This Morning gig, and her styling team have got the formula perfected. This very morning, Holly became the actual Herald of Autumn Tidings, with her head to toe burgundy look.

One of this year's biggest trends was wearing the same colour from top to tip, and the favourite colour for the look was red. You have to be pretty daring, style-wise, to attempt it, though. It will look good, but only if you wear with confidence. A softer hue, like Holly's burgundy shade, will be much easier to try. Red can sometimes be very harsh on people, especially those who don't wear it all that often; a maroon-ish shade tends to be more flattering and less look-at-me than something scarlet.

Holly Willoughby is a work style icon


Holly's skirt is by Anthropologie, her top is from John Lewis and her shoes are LK Bennet. It's not the most inaccessible of outfits, financially speaking, but the pieces were harder to find. So, I've gone ahead and found some dupes so we can all get in on the 'dress like a leaf' action.


oasis skirt

 Do you like Holly's work style? Would you wear one colour from head to toe? Or do you think it would make you think of a dystopian future where everyone is divided into colour-coded factions?

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