Be Prepared! Your Electric Picnic Survival Pack

It's hard to believe the kids are back to school, there is a chill in the air, and the last, most exciting festival on the musical calendar is this weekend. Aside from the unreliable weather forecast, there is no harm in preparing for all eventualities, like a monsoon or even the zombie apocalypse. Who knows? So I've put together some essentials that you should consider bringing this weekend.

Aside from the regular wellies, waterproofs, baby wipes, dry shampoo. There are some fashionable items that are there for your comfort, and fashionable, needs.

Plastic Bags, €5; Suede jacket, €30; Floppy hat, €10; Earrings, €3; Dress, €15; all from Penneys Plastic Bags, €5; Suede jacket, €30; Floppy hat, €10; Earrings, €3; Dress, €15; all from Penneys

In terms of clothes, there are merits in the denim shorts look. Why? Well if you get wet, which is very likely, you can simply dry off your legs instead of that awful soaking jeans feeling along your legs, which is worse if you are wearing skinny jeans. As well as the denims, look to cotton and light fabric shorts that dry very quickly. Denim can take ages to dry out as it's thicker.

Shorts, €33, Littlewoods Ireland Shorts, €33, Littlewoods Ireland

What you do need plenty of, are tops. You can re-wear the shorts, no one will mind. But to keep your body fresh as well as your fashion, alternate tops to create different outfits. I also like to bring lots of scarves that you can layer up over your t-shirts. H&M is the best place for these, they have lot's to choose from, under €10.

Jackets are a given, but make sure the one you bring is waterproof. The problem with raincoats is that the fabric can make you sweaty if it's humid. With a more substantial jacket, your body temperature will stay fairly regular, and most importantly, you will be dry. Jackets with hoods are the top pick to save your fabulous festival hair do from being turned into frizz.

Coat, €88, Littlewoods Ireland Coat, €88, Littlewoods Ireland

Accessories are their best at festivals, from floral garlands for your hair, to stacking bangles and rings. Don't forget your earrings though. I like the look of t-shirts, shorts, hair pinned up, and some really big, dangling earrings. You can still see them even when your hood is up! Cross body bags are another essential for the things you need to take with you from the tent. And they leave your hands free to dance!

Have you any festival essentials you always pack? AND, are you heading to Electric Picnic?

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