Fash Pack: Our Guide to Packing for a City Break

If we were lucky enough, we'd be city break-ing all year round (Ryanair rage notwithstanding).

European city breaks are an amazing way to get away for a few days, soak up the culture and make memories that'll last a lifetime but they can be tricky to pack for. You want your outfits to keep you cool in the warmer temperatures but still to cater to all weather eventualities.

And we also need to consider that cabin baggage doesn't actually fit what may have originally seemed like a generous amount once you factor in shoes, toiletries - let's face it, we'll probably blow a lot of our holiday spends in the duty free - and all the other bit we just can't seem to part with for a weekend away (yes, of course that selfie stick is essential).

 Long ribbed cardigan, €74 ZARA.COM Grey jumper, €56 JOHNLEWIS.COM Kimono, €47 TRADESY.COM Leather waterfall waistcoat, €57 CHOIES.COM Culottes, €49 MISSSELFRIDGE.COM White shorts, €46 ZARA.COM Adidas orriginals, €89 ZALANDO.CO.UK Arizona birkenstocks, 64 EUR Converse, 86 EUR Suede holdall, €83 STBERNARDSPORTS.COM Grey jumper, €56, JOWHLEWIS.COM. Long ribbed cardigan, €74 ZARA.COM, Kimono, €47 TRADESY.COM, Leather waterfall waistcoat, €57 CHOIES.COM, Culottes, €49 MISSSELFRIDGE.COM, White shorts, €46 ZARA.COM, Adidas originals, €89 ZALANDO.CO.UK, Arizona birkenstocks, €64, Converse, €86, Suede holdall, €83 STBERNARDSPORTS.COM

The best advice that we can give to ensure that your city-break is city-chic is to include all types of layering into your looks. Sleeveless coats over jackets, kimonos under cardigans etC. Not only will this allow you maximum variety and usage with each piece you pack, it will allow you to dress appropriately for any given weather forecast.

And why not consider culottes for a summer look that's city appropriate? Or if you're more of a short-shorts kinda gal, layer them with long cardigans or kimonos for a demure boho look.


Adding a scarf to each look or accessioning with a fur collar will help keep you cosy when the evening turns into night and they can still be bundled into the handbag if you're lucky enough to see the sun coming out. 

And perhaps most importantly, we need to discuss footwear. It seems obvious but we may be guilty of 'accidentally' forgetting is that comfortable footwear is an absolute essential- go for a neutral trainer that will compliment all outfits or a classic Birkenstock if the weather permits. Those new mules may look unreal but your feet are going to be in unreal.pain. if you insist on them as your footwear of choice.

Denim shirt, 40 EUR, Monki.com Cream shirt, €37 UNIQLO.COM Navy sleevless jacket, €62 RIVERISLAND.COM Kimono style jacket, €41 HM.COM Camel coat, €75 JOHNLEWIS.COM Wrap front joggers, €54 TOPSHOP.COM Skinny jeans, €58 TOPSHOP.COM Flat pointed shoes, €89 OFFICE.CO.UK Trainers, 67 EUR, New balance Faux fur collar, €9,18 AMAZON.CO.UK Denim shirt, €40, Monki.com, Cream shirt, €37 UNIQLO.COM, Navy sleevless jacket, €62 RIVERISLAND.COM, Kimono style jacket, €41 HM.COM, Camel coat, €75 JOHNLEWIS.COM, Wrap front joggers, €54 TOPSHOP.COM, Skinny jeans, €58 TOPSHOP.COM, Flat pointed shoes, €89 OFFICE.CO.UK, Trainers, 67 EUR, New balance, Faux fur collar, €9,18 AMAZON.CO.UK

To avoid a windy day or patches of drizzle giving your hair a finish that'd ruin any good photo, add a hat to your look - hats are the perfect accessory to finish off a look and can cover all manner of hair fails that are likely occur when the weather is not on our side.

Finally, to perfect that ultimate city break look, don't forget a long-strap, decent size handbag. It will give your all the room you need to carry those random trinkets you were charmed into buying after a sangria or two... well, holidays are all about being spontaneous, aren't they? Well, except for packing that is.


What are your packing essentials? Do you stuff your entire wardrobe into suitcase or do you approach your packing with military precision? Share your tips in the comments!

Sarah Hanrahan is an Irish fashion blogger who is the face of icomeundone.com. She is passionate about individuality and has a keen interest in writing. You can follow her on Twitter @icome_undone, on Instagram @i_come_undone and you’ll find her Facebook page here.

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