A trend is born? Gigi Hadid just matched her tracksuit to her stiletto boots

Gigi Hadid is in full on Milan Fashion Week form. She needs to be comfy, but she also needs to look like the supermodel she is

Gigi Hadid is a fan of a classic cotton tracksuit, and we can't blame her for it. It's comfy, and it's easy to pull on and off - essential when you're going from show to show at fashion week. Although, her pairing her grey tracksuit with grey stiletto boots takes some of the comfort factor out of it. And, dammit, Gigi, why? 

Remember the time Kim Kardashian wore strappy sandals with sports pedal pushers? This is like that, but not as bad, admittedly. Maybe a better comparison is Jennifer Lopez and the rise of the high-heeled trucker boots. That trend became so popular they sold dupes in Penneys. Did you fall for it? How long ago did you throw your pair in a bonfire?

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The new gen supermodel makes the tracksuit look way less prison-uniform than if we wore it. That'll be her height and her face and her hair and the unabashed confidence. She's one of those women who pop their collar and roll up their t-shirt sleeves automatically, like Rizzo from Grease. That tucked in baggy jumper is the most infuriatingly 'fashion' thing to do to a dad's-attempt-at-sports-wear special. Those damn stiletto boots. Those. Damn. Stiletto. Boots.

If I copied this outfit, I promise I'd look more like Vicky Pollard than anything else. I am exceedingly jealous that Geej can pull off an outfit as hideous as this. It's worse that I almost feel that I like it.

Maybe it's urban bad boy music superstar Zayn's influence? Maybe she was a particularly 'street' stylist. Perhaps she just took a notion. So... are we doing this thing?

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