All the most stylish people were wearing this coat during fashion month

It's not rocket science, but just in case you didn't know, this coat will serve you very well

Do you remember that 2001 song Short Skirt Long Jacket? I think of it every time I wear short skirt and long jacket, surprisingly enough. Mid-length is the hemline of choice these days, but all the fashion people during last month's fashion weeks were wearing long coats. Wow, revolutionary.

I love a statement-ish coat. It doesn't have to be covered in bells and whistles to make a statement. It just has to be not black and boring, basically. You can wear anything under it, and you'll look relatively fancy. Today, on my way to work, I was walking behind a young woman in a forest green ankle length coat. Her hair was in a low pony, her shoes were flat and black and utterly comfortable, but because of that coat, she looked chic.

It's going to be spring soon (promise) which usually means the change from winter coat to jacket. This season it means the change from winter coat to spring/summer coat. YAY! Looking stylish has honestly never been easier. Wear goddamn grey stained tracksuit bottoms and durty ole runners with your stylish spring coat and fool everyone into thinking you're the next great street style star.

We've found some for you to make the transition right now.

topshop spring coat

Topshop €98


Zara €69.95

River Island €45

Mango €89.95

H&M €69.99



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