Increase your wardrobe space - WITHOUT chucking out any of your clothes!

I think it's fair to say that I would not make a good minimalist. There's the nail art obsession, the sometimes pink dip-dyed hair, the fondness for big kitschy cocktail rings, the “when in doubt, wear sequins” style of getting dressed.

Oh: and of course there's all my stuff, and my difficulty getting rid of any of that stuff when I no longer really need or use it. Being an emotional hoarder is kind of a minimalist no-no.

I've been doing my very best to declutter in recent weeks but as we're short on storage space in our flat, my small wardrobe was still looking a bit jammers. Removing one item of clothing required a full-body shove to shimmy the crush of the surrounding hangers out of the way (and then a lightning fast jump out of the way to avoid getting smushed as the displaced hangers snapped back into place.) Penneys had some flocked slimline stacking hangers that I reckoned would probably help ease the congestion, but as I'm more make do than buy new I decided to try MacGyvering a solution to the overcrowding crisis.

One quick rummage through the recyclables later, I had the goods I needed.


I see-sawed each Diet Coke ring pull free from the top of its can, checked that it had no sharp, clothing-unfriendly edges, and then slid a ring pull onto the neck of each hanger to create a useful, if not especially beautiful, multi-garment suspension system.




I am delighted to report that this little trick has multiplied my wardrobe real estate exponentially and freed up enough space to house the overflow clothing stacks that had accumulated on the bed in the spare room.

Who says fizzy drinks are good for nothing?!

Other carbonated drinks are available; this post was not sponsored by Diet Coke. Unfortunately.

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