Mid-season jackets for when it's not quite cold, not quite warm

We're due some warmish weather this weekend, but don't be fooled; it's still jackets season

How annoying is it when you wear a coat and it ends up being really sunny. Or when you don't wear a coat because it's sunny but the sun goes down and sucks up all the warmth, and it's suddenly winter again? These are two dilemmas that more or less will definitely befall people at the end of this week when spring finally happens.

I am going to a hen party at the weekend, and I have to rethink all my outfits because of the weather news that has made the entire office giddy and unable to concentrate on anything else except the plans they are making for Thursday when the temperature is going to hit 17 degrees.

Is it time for the switch to leather jackets? Yes. Can we finally break out the light trench? Also yes. But how to ensure warmth once night hits? A scarf. Not a wintery woolly one, a light but big one that you can use as a picnic blanket when you're lounging outside and can wrap around yourself when the season's true temperature drops again.

For the purpose of impulse buying, however, I have chosen a few resourceful jackets that are not leather or trench. And despite the short period of time in which you can actually wear them, they will be nice little additions to your personal collection.

zara jacket

Zara Embroidered Jacket €89.95

Plisse Belted Duster Coat €80


Topshop Plisse Belted Duster Coat €80

Jacquard-weave coat €69.99

H&M Jacquard-Weave Coat €69.99

mango blazer

Mango Striped Linen Blazer €59.95

oasis jacket

Oasis Kate Utility Jacket €60



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