The 5 most wearable kitten heels on the high street right now

They're 100% back in style, and we're discovering that this is a good thing. Kitten heels can, in fact, be flattering and you may find that they make your outfit this autumn.

I'm converted. Kitten heels are great. This autumn, if you're not wearing a pair of kitties with your mom jeans, you may as well be wearing a full-length skirt with a bustle. In 2017, the style world's most hated items are the most fashionable. You didn't believe people when they say something like a scrunchie or ski-pants or kitten heels would become trendy again, but they did. Everything does. It's part of the human condition, so it's part of the circle of life.

This season, kittens are actually cool. Even when they have bows on them! It's a crazy world.

This fashion girl says so, and we believe her

The modern way to wear them is with jeans, which is great because we wear jeans for all occasions including work (drawing the line at weddings. Boo!). The pairs I've picked are fail-safes that will go with jeans or a skirt if you're feeling a bit Dior New Look.

ms kitten heelsM&S €42 

This Marks and Spencer's kitten is making fashion headlines all over the place. It's the latest piece of M&S clobber that fashion editors are latching onto and recommending. I like the slightly loafer-esque style front, the bow is cute, backless is on trend and, as we know, so is the heel height.

zara kitten heels

Zara €29.95

The Christmas version. Velvet, burgundy and cheap. Thanks, Zara!

autumn kitten heels

H&M €39.95

Another backless wonder in millennial pink. Just don't wear them in the rain (they're suede).

mango kitten heels

Mango €34.95

These ones reek of YSL, and THEY'RE ON SALE!

river island kitten heels

River Island €55

That is the cutest bow detail, and you can wear them in the rain because they're patent. Score.

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