Let's Get Lacy! The Best of Valentine's Lingerie

Oh yes, it’s lacy lingerie time! Well, not really. We might compromise on the lacy bit. Thanks to some amazing brands, we now have a huge range of sexy yet elegant (and well made) lingerie for those, special occasions. You know what I mean. If you are planning on indulging in some new bits and pieces for that day that’s fast approaching which we know for all things red, we have our edit and guide of the best of the bras (and knickers) from which to choose.

When buying the “good” lingerie, you still need to think about the rules of fit and form. The cup needs to suit the shape of your bust (I have a DD cup and a balcony suits me really comfortably) and the measurement is non-negotiable. So, try and get a bra fitting before making your purchase. Most lingerie retailers, including department stores offer a bra fitting service free of charge.

So what sexy stuff have we got for you? Well we have a budget and a blow out!!

Red bra, €84.95 and matching pants, €45.95; Blue bra, €65 and matching pants, €33.95 Red bra, €84.95 and matching pants, €45.95; Blue bra, €65 and matching pants, €33.95

If it does need to be red, well look no further than Heidi Klum's new range in Arnotts which embodies all things lace, without compromising on fit. But, it doesn’t have to be red. Take a look at the seasonal palette of lingerie like light blue which I really love. Black remains a firm favourite, as well as being the most flattering. One thing to note is a nude shade is equally as sexy as the classic colours! And you can get plenty of wear out of them too!


Bra, €8; Briefs, €4; Suspenders, €6 Bra, €8; Briefs, €4; Suspenders, €6

Now we simply cannot forget the suspenders can we? Penneys have some incredibly fabulous styles to choose from for as little as €6! Take a look at their range of bras that have built in support too for some extra umph! Bra sizes are available from 32A-38d ( with some styles available up to 38F) and prices range from €4 - €13.

So, if you are investing in lingerie, what's your style of choice?

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