Five fab pieces to buy now if you're so over the sales

No, you don't need another cold-shoulder top - they are so out in 2017 anyway.

If you've been sales shopping since before Christmas, like us, you're probably so over it by now. During the January sales, the High Street is a siren that lures unsuspecting shoppers to her cut-price fold, only for us to spend ten times more than we usually would on a shopping trip on items that you'll find at the back of your wardrobe in five years time with the tags still on.

Yesterday, I visited Topshop for the umpteenth time this week. (Shopping - or rather window-shopping - is my exercise.) Not for the life of me could I get past the scores of 'amazing deals'. I also couldn't find anything I liked in my size. I gave up before I got to the shiny new stuff because that kind of disappointment takes its toll on a gal.

Today, on a mission, I skipped right past the bargain hunters and into the calm oasis of the New In sections, i.e. the nice stuff. The stuff you want to wear now and not save till next year like that Christmas jumper you got for half-price.

These five pieces, which you can buy right now, want to join your SS17 wardrobe. And the best thing is, it's still the High Street. If someone told you, they were sale prices you'd believe them. (And that's how I'm convincing myself I can afford them this long, hard January.)

Metallic shoes are the shoes to invest in this spring if you only plan on buying one pair of heels. The court style is classic, the sling-back updates them for spring and the colour will match every outfit, from a floral dress to jeans. Just make sure you've scraped off all that dead skin on your heel.


The boyfriend style is the comfiest and trendiest jeans of the season, and this pair has the hem of the season. As I learned from the Facebook comments on this article I wrote earlier, not everyone is exactly a fan of this hem, but love or hate it, everyone will be sporting it this spring. And summer.

It's shlinky, sexy but still chic enough to wear to the office. This particular pale colour suits more skin tones than you'd think, including pasty white.

Black stays in fashion all year round; hey, I even have a black bikini. And, this year, continuing on from 2016, it's all about the sleeve.


I include this because I would have killed for this to wrap around me when yesterday I came back to an office that had been empty for two weeks. I recommend this one because it's black, so, handy. (It also comes in grey.) The cold weather isn't over just yet!

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