This €14 one-piece will be the most versatile piece you buy all year

Eh, where did this gem of a piece come from? Why, the brains at Penneys Design HQ, that's where! Want. Now.

Penneys never fails to surprise us. It's the place to go for all your bits. It's the place to go for one bit, actually, but everyone who enters is a magpie and the store is full of shiny things. So you know how it goes. *shrugs*

Anyway, it's January which means it's time to start thinking about holidays if you weren't forward thinking enough to book one for this month or next. Oh, how we wish we did. How many of you suffered through the misery of going back to the office after Christmas sans co-workers who were in the Canaries? We knew it wasn't just us. Penneys, ever ahead of the game, has started releasing summer gear precisely for the winter holiday reason and probably for those of us who wish we were off somewhere foreign.

But even if you don't have any holidays plans, you can still pick up this piece just in case, and wear it, like, today.



Green Leopard Print Swimsuit €14

As everyone knows, animal print is huge right now, but have you seen it in this particular form yet? Red animal print dresses were everywhere over Christmas and this green with red and white accents is a refreshing update. It's a very fetching shade of green, too, suiting every skin tone.

The ribbed material and little hook detail on the straps make it as easy to wear at home as on the beach or by the pool. Not on its own, obviously, unless you like to wear swimming togs when you bathe or shower? I mean, wearing it as a top. This month, we'd put it with high waisted straight leg jeans, white runners and a chunky black cardigan. As the year progresses, we'll match what goes over it accordingly. In summer, we'll wear plain flip-flops because they'll be the footwear to be seen in.

What do you think of the one-piece? Would you wear it as a top or is the thought of having to take all of your clothes off when you go to the loo too much?

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