5 shirt dresses you could wear 7 days a week

You can forget looking like Tom Cruise in Risky Business with these new gen shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are items of clothing that should be wardrobe staples but aren't. I think it's because shirt dresses of old were pretty much actual shirts that were a little bit longer. Long shirts can be sexy, as countless women wearing their hookup's shirts in that old tv and movie trope will affirm. But that's a reason why you can't wear one to work. Or anywhere else, really.

'Shirt dresses' - inverted commas necessary - are totally wearable. The dress button-down of today is versatile and stylish. You can wear it to work or to play. Accessorise right, and you can wear it to an occasion.

This H&M number is that type of dress. The cut is so flattering, the length is on point, and the colour. Well, you'll stand out in that colour as one of the most stylish people wherever you are.


Shirt dress €39.99

Other stores are in on the action, refining the shirt dress as something you can wear all the time. These four below have tons of potential. If you like the look of them and would like some styling tips, just comment below!


topshop shirt dresses

Linen button midi shirt dress €57


zara shirt dress

Flowing dress with contrasting trim €39.95

River Island

river island shirt dresses

Black midi shirt dress was €61 now €24


mango shirt dresses


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