Campus Cool: From Lecture Hall To Students Union, Student Style Rocks

It's almost September and that means that tens of thousands of students are preparing to go back to University.  Freshers are getting ready for orientation and Students Unions around the country are stocking up on fizzy drinks.

But probably uppermost in every students mind is new CLOTHES.  After all how will that gorgeous fella in Sociology 101 even notice you if you don't have some new threads?  And you can't rock up to the canteen in that old geansai that you wore to death last year can you?  Well yes in theory of course you can - you just don't want to.

So with that in mind I've picked out some gorgeous and bang on trend duds that will easily take you from the lecture hall to the Student Bar - and everywhere else in between.  Checks and tartan are a big trend, big boots, leather sleeves, stud embellishment, dresses teamed with trusty opaques and leggings - and of course don't leave home without your parka.  Warm, weather proof, stylish this is the item of clothing that should be on everyone's er Reading List.

And I'm showing you new clothes - but every student knows that the second hand and charity shops are a brilliant way to update your wardrobe as cheaply as possible.


Knock 'em dead.  You'll be gorgeous.

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