Who? What? Wear? Amy Huberman at work in the Irish designer you need to know

Amy Huberman is a fantastic supporter of Irish design. This time, she got thousands of Insta hearts for her party dress 'n' purple shoe combo

Amy Huberman 'at work' means being in London for some sort of event in a dress by Helen Steele. But she had to be up at 6 am so it's not all glamour, you know. Being an actress/author/designer/there's-something-I'm-leaving-out is pretty crap, really. I mean, she had to be up at 6 am. I don't know about you, but that puts me right off her lifestyle.

Amy was in London, as I said (eurgh, what an absolute hellhole), with Ruth Bradley (celebrity friends, who'd have 'em?!) for something or other as I previously mentioned, back in April. She's been a champion of her already, and Amy's continuing to support Irish designer Helen Steele by wearing this very Helen Steele dress.

Amy is wearing the SS18 Cora dress with the Palm Beach shoes from her own collection, Bourbon.


And she's not the only Irish sleb to wear something by Helen Steel. Vogue Williams wore one of her distinctively bright, colourful, showstopping pieces in March, and it was just as 'gimme' as Amy's.

We love the outfit because it works just as well in winter as it would for a summer party. The difference is, you wouldn't have to wear a jacket over it in May. Win.

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