Winter Florals: Pretty, Easy To Wear, Cold Weather Staples

So they won't rock your world and make others screech with laughter as you sashay past (like say leather trackie bottoms), but they're super pretty and can be incorporated into most outfits.

Particularly successful when you're pretending to be demure and well behaved, this is the perfect pattern to wear to work or meet Himself's Mammy.  We've looked at floral blazers and the summer florals that took us through the - gasp- actual summer that we experienced this year.  This winter,  florals often appear on a dark background and the dresses are perfect for a bit of understated evening glamour.


What do you think?  Boring and you prefer the punk/leather trends that are around?  Or do you like to mix it up with a bit of floral and think flowered dresses are to die for?

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