Best in Beautie Awards 2014: We Reveal the Winners and Runners Up in the Makeup Category!

You've heard about the glamourous event, you've checked out the pictures and you've seen many of the winners (across all the  categories) being announced live on Twitter last night.

But we know you beaut.ies love ALL the deets, so we are going to show you all the winners and runners up in a series of articles - one dedicated to each category of face, body, makeup or hair.

If we gave you every single winner and runner up in one post, well, we'd all fall down a black hole of cosmetics and not be able to reverse out if it without the help of Captain Kirk and Spock's fancy ears.

iStock_000014963006Large Makeup Banner

And so we're so delighted to bring you the results of (perhaps) the most illustrious category of them all first - the makeup category! We've spent hours counting your votes, made weird squeaking noises with the excitement and eaten a near-fatal number of biscuits, but it's all been worth it. We've sifted through every sub-category to bring you Ireland's ultimate makeup products.

Will your favourite mascara make the top spot? Will you be scandalised that your favourites didn't make the cut? Do Irish women prefer high-end or pharmacy makeup brands? Will you be introduced to a new product you never knew existed? We're about to reveal all! It makes us genuinely happy to bring you the results of the most independent beauty awards there are.


There's been no gaffing about - just your favourites, as voted for by you. We've been debating which are the most surprising results and which of our favourites have won at HQ. Now you can do the same! Oh God, the tension (and biscuits) might kill us... Now, go forth and DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY PRODUCTS!* *Drama fully intended

Click here to see all the makeup winners and runners up. Just scroll to the bottom of the post and you'll be able to navigate through ALL the winners and ALL the runners up.

So settle in with a coffee and our first Best in Beautie Awards full reveal!

Did your favourites win? Any surprises? Tell us all in the comments.

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