These are the casual shoes to buy if you DON'T want to be trendy

When you need new casual shoes but you don't want to commit to a short-run trend, try these for size.

I have a sartorial dilemma pretty much daily. They come in different forms. Sometimes, all I want to do is create and live by a personalised capsule wardrobe. Other times, I experience a literal compulsion to buy a trend piece that I know I'll get sick of after a couple of months. I have to have it. But collecting trends is bad for my bank balance. It's bad for the mind, too. My wardrobe is overflowing with stuff I can't convince myself I don't need. The solution - stop buying things.

Of course, there are times when buying something is a simple necessity. If your shoes have holes in them, they've got to be replaced. With what, though? That's the hard question. If you're like me, you'll be compelled to pick up something that's very 'now'. And the cycle starts all over again, ending in guilt that you bought it in the first place.

The casual style du jour is the ugly runner. You know the one; it's big, clunky and influencers and dad tourists wear them side by side. If you're an dad tourist, they're your normal shoes and you've probably had them for years, wearing them on every holiday. If you're an influencer, they were probably free. But if you're a regular person who just needs some shoes, avoid.

Converse style

Instead, take a lead out of some of the coolest celebs' books and get yourself some Converse. They never don't look cool.

You can wear them with anything, too. Just look above! Skirts, shorts, jeans, dungarees; no item of clothing can resist Chuck Taylor's charm.


They'll probably have (yet another) 'moment' soon, but rest assured that they're a classic style shoe that you can wear from college all the way to the nursing home.

Shop your own.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Low Top €65

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic High Top €70


Chuck Taylor All Star Lift €80

Do you have a pair? Multiple pairs? Are you tempted to get another?

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