Looking for knee-high boots with just a hint of a heel? We found them

Knee-high boots with just a hint of a heel that are actually nice are few and far between. But we might have found the perfect pair.

It's socks weather. Big chunky socks under big warm boots. Or nice, sleek warm boots. Like these ones, with just a hint of a heel that we found last week and bought immediately.

You can always rely on Zara for shoe staples that look way more expensive than they really are. This pair is €60 and will seriously do you a service this winter. They're very slim, but those of us who are prominent of calves will be pleased to know that the material is stretchy and has a good bit of give. They're not quite flat but they're by no means high; the hint of a heel is very manageable, comfort-wise, but they'll give you some lift.



boots with a hint of a heel

High-heel boots €59.95

We can imagine wearing these over black skinny jeans and with tights and mini-skirts. They're the best sort of weekend boots, but they also have good work potential.

Thigh-high boots were very popular last winter, and I've noticed many people wearing theirs this year, too. If you missed out last season, & Other Stories has a pair of thigh-high boots with a little heel.

& Other Stories

thigh high suede boots with little heel

If you like the suede but not the price, New Look (which can always be relied on in the shoe department) has this pair which are knee-high in a 'suedette' material. The heel is higher than the two above, but it's a nice chunky width, so they wouldn't kill your feet too much.

New Look

Black Suedette Knee High Boots €54.99

How many pairs of winter boots do you have? Do you get a new pair every year? Do you even have room for two more?

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