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We were suitably pissed off after our recent news about another online shop ripping off their Irish customers, so we decided to (not) put our money where our mouth is and we dropped them as an affiliate. Since then, we've been putting out best foot forward to seek out alternative good value online emporiums instead which offer value for money to you.


Feel Unique* is one such winner. And the fact that they've offered Beaut.ie readers 7.5% off til the end of May* on all purchases made them even better valoo.



Could LookFantastic* also be a runner? Well we've been having a good old look round their wares - and it's true that they have an incredible range of products. At the moment they've got their "Big Hair Sale* on" which promises 'up to 67% off'. I've had a nose around the sale and the best value seems to be in the hair packs section - shampoos and conditioners from Redken, Kerastase and loads more brands.

Have you ordered from them before? Tell us what you think!

*we really appreciate it when you click our * links. You can find out why here.

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