How to naturally wear concealer

The application of concealer can be a bit of a minefield for some. Too little and you can look a little washed out, too much and you will look like you are wearing a mask.

Application is the most important aspect of concealer. You can own the best concealer on the market but if you are not applying it correctly it might just do more harm than good.

Whether you are looking to get rid of dark circles or cover a breakout we have all the tips you need when it comes to applying concealer.

To hide dark circles

Always apply your foundation first so that your concealer has a base to cling onto but not too much as this can cause it to gather in the lines. Apply under the eyes using dots and don’t apply after you reach your smile lines as it will enhance them. Then use a blending sponge or concealer brush to pat, don’t rub, all the dots into the delicate area under the eye.

Covering a breakout


You can think you are covering up a breakout perfectly only to spot the pimples again a few hours later. If you want to cover up your breakout and have it last all day, dab with some hand sanitizer, a little bit of primer, your concealer and then follow with your foundation. Layering is key here.


Even the best application of concealer may not last all day without this crucial step - setting with powder. Every concealer should be set with a powder to really lock in its benefits.

Choose correctly

There are some different factors to consider when it comes to the colour of the concealer you should be using. Skin tone, where you are applying, skin type etc. Go into to your usual makeup brand and tell them what you are looking for and for what part of your face and they will colour match you to the exact shade that suits.

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