Rate it: What's Hot and What's Not Beauty-wise?

what's hot or not?

As it's almost time to welcome in 2008, lets take a wee peek back on the year that was. It's been an interesting one beauty-wise, hasn't it? We've loved, loathed and laughed at a lot of product. And in that spirit, I present to you my beauty 'what's hot and what's not' barometer.

On the HOT side, I'm liking, (clockwise from bottom left) Newby Hands. She's Harpers Bazaar's Beauty Director and I'm glued to her witty writing each month. Above her is a balm, and I am loving them right now, almost as much as I am loving oils. These two products, by Darphin and Liz Earle respectively, are fabbarooney. Highly recommended. Below them is a Guerlain lipstick, signifying my return to bullets of colour, as opposed to tubes of gloss, and of course, Guerlain is one of the hottest beauty brands there is.

On the NOT side, (clockwise from bottom left), there's a can of coke. Now I'm not dissing coca-cola, but the other stuff. Considering the numbers of people who've died recently, it's very definitely cold-to-freezing on the coolometer. We're all sick of oompa loompa tangoed tanned ladies - down with that sort of thing, I say. Paris Hilton I am also sick of the sight of, as well as Celebrity Fragrance and Ugg Boots. I would gladly jettison all these things into the very burning heart of the sun.


But these are my personal gripes - what are yours? Tell us in comment what you rate for 08; what you think is Hot, beauty wise, and what you very definitely think is Not!

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