Why you will love the Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths

You could be forgiven for asking are these Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths just glorified face clothes or is there actually something special about them?

When I got this pack of deep-cleansing cloths from Human and Kind, I didn't think they were something I would use. I'm definitely guilty of being a judger, as in, I see something and I judge it immediately. Before I have properly examined it or tried it I have an initial instinct on whether I like it or not. Often my initial judgement is wrong - and I was wrong about these cloths. I thought they would be an absolute waste of space, but they have actually become a welcome addition to my skincare regimen.

Human + Kind

Human and Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths

Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths €7.45


Initially, I wondered why would I go to any length to buy branded face cloths? I've never been a regular user of a facecloth; in fact, I associate facecloths with my 70-year-old aunty. However, I will always give a product a fair chance. So, as usual, I tried out the facecloth to decide whether my initial judgement was either right or wrong. I have to say, I really loved this very simple white facecloth from Human + Kind and I'll tell you why.

I have been converted to using a cloth-type thing since the arrival of the Cleanse Off Mitt on the beauty scene. We should all understand the benefits of using something like this as opposed to cotton pads. Most importantly, it's better for the environment. With our planet in a delicate state, we need to phase out all disposable goods and turn to reusable options. I am all for change in this area. It makes me feel good when I can add new environmentally-friendly alternatives to my bathroom cabinet.

When you wet it, it feels like no other facecloth I have ever used. It's like it turns to silk in the water and feels soft and luxurious on your skin. The idea is that you use this to remove your chosen cleanser. It's intended to go with the Human and Kind Foaming facial cleanser but it will go with any cleanser, really. It will very gently exfoliate your skin when you use it. As well as feeling lovely and being practical, it acts as the second step in your double cleanse. After you work your cleanser into your skin, this then removes it and gives your skin a second deep cleanse.

Do you use cloths or cotton when you cleanse? Are you conscious of how your beauty regimen might be affecting the environment?

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