Get all of your Christmas stocking fillers from Penneys

Why getting all of your stocking fillers from Penneys maybe mean one less hassle for the run-up to Christmas.

You know the story; you walk into your local Penneys for some tights and face wipes (to use on your hands, obvs) and you walk back out with a bag full of clothes, shoes and accessories. And you probably forgot the tights.

It will be even worse at Christmas - or better if you choose to look at it that way. Penneys is fast becoming a one-stop shop; in some stores they sell sweets, how long will it be till they start offering microwave dinners for one? I swear, it's not as far-fetched as it sounds... But Penneys really is a treasure chest of bits and pieces that will fill stockings, make for great Kris Kindle gifts and decorate your home.

Fox Door Stop

penneys stocking filler 1€6

Harry Potter Hedwig Socks

hedwig socks


Head To Head Game

penneys stocking filler 2


3Pk Fragrance Set


Polar Bear Gift Set

penneys stocking filler 3


Grey Bunny Slipper Boots



Harry Potter Candle Gift Set

penneys stocking filler 4


Unicorn Make Up Kit



Disney Magic Lamp Tea Pot

aladin lamp


Giant Cocktail Fish Bowl



Artic Ice Manicure Set


Twerk Pong Game

twerk pong


Glitter Hairbrush


Christmas Room Spray


Penguin Candle

cute candle


Star Tealight Holder


Tree decorations


All €2

See? Lovely stuff that will satisfy even the most pernickety magpie. Will you just do it and get all of your Christmas bits in Penneys this year? What's the alternative?

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