5 pairs of stylish shoes that are totally bad weather proof

A few years ago, I was back living in the West of Ireland after a good while out of it. How I could have forgotten that it rains every day of the year there, even when it's sunny (go figure), is anyone's guess. Anyway, I did, and my shoes paid for it.

The time came for me to invest in some bad weather shoes. I hopped down to my local shoe shop (because that's what we do round those parts) and picked up a pair of knee high, sturdy leaf kickers. They looked water-proof to me, but the sales lady informed me that no shoe is waterproof, unless it's rubber, like a welly. Now, I'm all for wellies, but I don't want to wear them with my klassy klothes to work.

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So, what's the alternative? How does one avoid sopping wet sock syndrome and still look stylish? I've taken to wearing my high-heeled leather Kurt Geigers to work, but this adds ten minutes to my journey and my feet are sore all day. I can stride right through those durty Dublin puddles, though! Another solution is to just wear your wellies on the way in and out and change when you get to your destination. You will need a bag big enough to fit a pair of wellies, however, and you'll be carrying around a bag with wellies in them. Awkward.

I have a pair of lovely patent brogues that do the job on light rain days, and I mourn for my sixth-class Doc Martins that my feet would still feet into, but have long been on the scrapheap.

While I always recommend bringing a spare pair of socks of tights to work with you at this time of year, because heavy rain does fall - and even these shoes might let some water seep in, here are five that will protect your footsies from the elements this winter, while you remain being your stylish self.


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