Beyoncé and Topshop's athleisure collab looks amaze

Who wants to get sweaty with Beyoncé? Well, wearing Beyoncé. Precisely, wearing Beyoncé (oh, and Topshop designers) designed athleisure wear?

Many people, we predict.

The athleisure trend is going nowhere fast (thank God. Runners being appropriate work wear is a-ok with us) and call us suckers, but we want to wear what Queen Bey wears. The collection does look pretty nice, you must admit (check it out in the YouTube vid below).

Now, we could look to H&M and Penneys for our gym gear, isn't it only leggings and bra tops, and all? But if Beyonce wears Ivy Park, and we can afford to buy Ivy Park, we're wearing it too.



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The collection launches April 14th, and while we're not sure if it will be available in Irish stores right that day, it looks like it will certainly be available online.

Via Buzzfeed News

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