Only the bravest brides would attempt this bridal beauty trend

The biggest bridal beauty trend of 2019 is a controversial one, and only a few brides will want - or be able - to pull it off.

Meghan Markle's wedding dress divided opinion, but most people agreed her beauty look was on point. Her low-key makeup and laid-back hairdo have both played a part in the bridal aesthetic for the year ahead. Despite the reams of new beauty launches and experimental makeup looks and tutorials on Instagram and YouTube, the dominating trend is 'natural.'

The no-makeup makeup trend is one that appears every year, mostly in summertime, but in 2019, the beauty trends for face and hair is natural natural, as in, your actual hair and your actual skin. I am more than aware that for some people, letting their regular hair and skin shine just isn't an option. They just may not be shiny enough. I know my hair is way too fuzzy and shapeless to be let to its own devices. And my face? I don't even go barefaced when I'm sick and at home. I have very sensitive, reactive, oily acne-marked skin that just wouldn't, we'll say, photograph well.

I also think that a little bit of makeup, even obvious makeup, does more good than harm in some cases. I fill in my brows and put on mascara and my eyes instantly look less squinty. The hape of undereye concealer makes me look less like an old hag, to put it plainly. You don't have to wear a full face of Kardashian-style makeup; little subtle touches here and there can do wonders for your confidence. But would you go subtle for your wedding?


The big trend for bridal hair in 2019 is as low-key as you can get. Think, low ponytail you did while you were washing your face in the morning. However, I've seen it in action and, on some brides, it can really work.

I was at a wedding a couple of years ago, and a cousin from 'abroad' arrived in a slinky dress and a low bun that she did herself in seconds. I was there with a bunch of friends who had all spent an hour in the salon that morning getting blowdries. The bride spent even longer getting her intricate updo done. We all looked amaze, of course, but so did she. It made me reconsider the time and money we complain we put into putting ourselves together for weddings. Is it really worth it?

There's been a massive shift away from covering your 'flaws' with makeup and dealing with it with a good skincare routine instead. We've also been getting good at accepting ourselves - and others - for who we are. So, I'm not saying that we 'don't make an effort' as brides or wedding guests, but we can do a Meghan and show our freckles from time to time.


What do you think? Would you feel comfortable going genuinely au natural as a bride or as a wedding guest?

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