Brie Larson and the amazing multi-patterned dreamdress

For the supposed crappiest week of the entire year (nice to get it over with, though. And, to be fair, we're all in it together) there was a surprising amount of red carpet activity going on.

Saoirse 'Sur-Sha' Ronan is this year's Lupita N'yongo in the awards buzz and style stakes and we'll be keeping a close eye on her this awards season. Kristen Stewart, as we said before, has been all over the place this week, smiling and everything. She's always been an edgy dresser and her grungy-glam makeup is cool and achievable. Trust us, we showed you how here.

Our Look of the Week, however, has to go to actress Brie Larson. If you don't recognise her name take note; she's probably going to win an Oscar this year for her role in Room. But if you're talking to Saoirse Ronan don't tell her we said that.



If Brie turned up to an even in this frock a few years ago a Go Fund Me account would have been set up for her to hire herself a stylist who didn't cobble together outfits from three different pieces she found in a thrift store. But because it's 2016 it's fashion, darling, and we love it. FYI, it's Giambattista Valli couture.

Kristen was at the same event and we did like her white number too, so she's taking second place. Do you agree or does another gúna deserve the top spot this week?

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