When buying your spring dress this season, make sure it has this detail

It's great for those short of stature, but this spring dress feature will flatter anyone

Whatever your age, you probably have an equal number of spring dresses. It's so much fun to shop at this time of year when the end of winter is in sight. Easter was invented so that women could show off their new spring gúna.

This year, you don't have to wear a typical spring dress in a pastel shade or with a floral print. Sure, you have plenty of those to choose from. But when buying your 2018 spring dress, make sure it has a slit. It's the detail that makes a skirt or dress current. A slit makes mid-length far more wearable for short people, too (that's why I like it). Midi dresses are the style du jour but for some women, it's not the most flattering length. It cuts off legs at an awkward location, causing a sausage dog look that's just not a good one on humans.

The slit is like the absence of an accessory, but it has the same effect. It enhances the piece you're wearing and completes the entire look. One word of advice though: when you're trying your dress-with-a-slit on, sit down and make sure the slit isn't place in an unfortunate position. Slits are flattering when you're walking and standing; not so much when you're in work and your boss can see up to your knickers.



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